2018 Flux-a-thon Parade teams

Flux Artists-in-Residence and friends compete for glory in our parade that leads from Flux Factory through the LIC streets to the LICArtists/Plaxall Gallery, where we'll bestow honors on the teams with trophies by Kim Couchot, dine & drink overlooking the East River waterfront, watch performers and dance to DJs!

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Pot Dealers

We're willing to wheel and deal to get you the pot you need. Our mobile pottery studio will be slinging clay and taking commissions for new pots throughout the parade. Money raised from our ambulating pottery sale will directly support Flux Factory. Sponsor us! Team members include Danny Crump, Sarah Dahlinger, Jenni Lukasiewicz, Sallie Sanders, Lu Zhang, Kaitlin McClure

Team Sacred Geometry

Our team will bring geometry and mathematical proportions that appear in Nature, reflected onto our bodies. We will be playing with many 3 & 4 dimensional shapes, textures and light creating a double effect reflecting light and colors through space.. infinity will walk around LIC streets by our side. Team members include Emily Rose, Jessica Stanek, Mara Drawn, Monchie Indie, Felipe Torres, Amanda Sommer, Diego Briceno, Valeria Divinorum

Ant Attack

Nothing is safe from these crafty ants. Team members include: Eleanor Lovinsky, Sherry Smith, Lisa Linguini, Marlene Kryza, Tracy Gilman, Tanya Solomon


Fast fluffers. The next generation of fast fluffing tutus with legs and arms running around Queens. Team members include:Tommy Nguyen, Shane Farrell, Charlotte Green, Mikela Wesson, Alexis Graces, Ariel Otty, Chase Conatser, Yolanda Hung, Janvi Patel and Seth Timothy Larson!

The Caravan

The Caravan represents the refugees from Central America at the southern U.S. border seeking asylum. The journey is held every year by an organization known as "Pueblo Sin Fronteras," or People Without Borders, to call attention to the plight of such migrants. The President has tweeted repeatedly about the group this year as dangerous and evidence of a crisis at the border. Team members include River Koelo, George Horiham, Yasma Kiarostani, Spencer, Seng

Sleazy Space Lawyers, LLP

Intergalactic attorneys dripping slime and sleaze and ready to sue. (800) 888 8888 Team members include: Hannah Frishberg, Esq. Max Miller, Esq. Alexander Augustyniak, Esq. Jon Gneezy, Esq. Alix Piorun, Esq. Jeff Seal, Esq. Lizzie Berger-Gutierrez, Esq.

Savage Aliens

The wild dreamers from a strange world. We descend as indigenous species from a futuristic, advanced realm. Our ancient intelligence is beyond what the current world can imagine. Team members include: Jevijoe Vitug, Marija Draskic, Maureen Catbagan, Illesha Khandelwa

Flex Factory

Bodybuilding fitness superstars who are all about getting blood pumping, building muscle, burning calories, proper stretching, and ENDORPHINS. We will make you WORK to get RESULTS! Come prepared to be PUSHED TO THE LIMIT! Now give us 20! Team members include: Jaime Idea, Cayla Lockwood, Will Owen, Ashley Yang-Thompson, Amir Badawi and Helen Ho

The delay

Marching band/ femme art / color therapy/ positive mental attitude/ really really good music List of participants: Stone Clark, Dooll Chao, Alexis Graman, Jiin Ahn, Izzy Barber, Rebecca Bird, Ty Tripoli, Amophora

Team Admin

The show must go on. Responding to emails on the dance floor.
Rhonda Lowry, Nat Roe, Maya Suess, Natalie Chu and Tammy Wei.

L train brass band

A thriving music community of nearly 50 active and contributing members, the L Train Brass Band covers a wide variety of music, from pop and hip-hop – to funk and traditional Dixieland jazz – to eclectic original charts. No matter where this train ends up, the primary goals are “fun first” and “keeping it weird.”



Paddy's latest project is the Explain Me Podcast with her co-host artist William Powhida - this is just the latest venture in a critical career that has found Paddy steering the legendary Art F City website, as well as contributing to numerous leading contemporary art publications. Paddy has been a friend of Flux for many years, and also judged the first Flux-a-Thon.

GUIDO GARAYCOCHEA, Artist, Manager New New Yorker Program and more

Guido Garaycochea, born in Lima Peru, is a Visual artist the Manager of the New New Yorkers Program at Queens Museum, and Founder and curator of Expressiones Cultural Center, New London CT, that bridges cultural differences and showcases Latin American arts and culture.

CAROLINA PEÑAFIEL, Executive Director of Local Project

Carolina is the founding Executive Director of Local Project, a Long Island City gallery and affordable artist workspace. Carolina was recently recognized as a community leader during Hispanic heritage month by council member Jimmy Van Bramer. Carolina is newly a mother, and has been hanging out at Flux for decades!

Kalon Hayward - EMcee

Kalon Hayward regularly collaborates with renowned theatre artist in the New York City area. As an actor, singer, performance artist he has performed throughout the United States, Africa, and Europe. Kalon is an artist in Residence at Flux Factory in Long island City, NY. His solo piece, SUN- RA will premiere summer 2018 at the Aros Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Demark. He serves as a teaching artist and company member of F.U.S.H.A Dance company (west and Congolese dance). He is excited to release his Cosmic Soul EP later this year.

DJ Playplay

PlayPlay creatively interweaves nostalgic hip-hop and house classics into both their DJ sets and music production, which are largely composed of city-specific sounds. PlayPlay has opened for Big Freedia, MC Lyte, Adventure Club, TT the Artist, Dai Burger, Abdu Ali, Le1f, MikeQ, Cakes Da Killa, Nadus, Jubilee, Double Duchess, and others. Based in Durham, NC, PlayPlay is an organizer and resident DJ of Party Illegal, a popular bass party gaining serious traction in NC. They are the creator and energetic force behind several themed parties, including a long-running 90’s party, an industrial/goth night and a ladies of the 80’s party.